Work can be a Real Pain

Back pain in Britain is on the rise, and researchers believe our high tech gadgets might be the cause.

The British Chiropractic Association reported one out of four Britains complain of back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain because of items many people use on a daily basis.

Topping the list are laptop computers.  27% of sufferers reported using a laptop for more than two hours a day. As the use of laptops and smart phones increases, so will the number of back and neck pain sufferers continue to rise.  It’s hard on the user, and bad for businesses as back pain sufferers need to take more time off from work.

No doubt our work environments take a toll on our health. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time is harmful to your back and can build up tension.

Here are some tips to help alleviate or avoid back pain at work. Make sure the screen is the correct height, so you are not looking down. Sit with the armrests of the chair just under the desk and be as close to the desk as possible. If you must read documents or papers as you type, get a document holder and place it as close to the computer monitor as possible, so as not to have to move your whole head to read. Remove yourself from the desk at regular intervals throughout the day. Even 10 to 15 minutes will help. If leaving your work space is not an option, simple stretches can help relieve built-up tension.

Do you have a favorite way of relieving stress and back pressure while at work?  We’d love to hear your ideas.

Eipe Kuruvila

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