A Natural Way to Reduce PMS symptoms

Millions of women pop over-the-counter or even prescription drugs to help alleviate their PMS symptoms just to to get through the day. PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome, has many effects on the body of a woman including bloat, cramps, headaches, fatigue and even backaches.

With all of these symptoms, women have been searching for years for natural treatments for their PMS — and there are several available. Some vitamins, like vitamins B and D, help relieve reduced seratonin levels and depressed moods, respectively. Yoga helps reduce stress and promotes a calmer state of mind. Several herbs help with everything from cramps to anger. This is all fine and good, but all of these are still only treating the symptoms — not the PMS itself.

Several studies have shown the positive effects of chiropractic care in relation to PMS symptoms. Many  women have stumbled upon these discoveries by “accident” after visiting a chiropractor for for back pain associated with PMS. The spinal adjustments have helped with everything from the cramping to the irritability associated with PMS.

Chiropractic care works to relieve PMS because the nerves associated with various organs rely on the spinal column to allow an unaffected path to the spinal cord and brain. When the spine is misaligned in any way, these nerves are affected which in turn affects the various organs and systems responsible for your reproductive health — and the symptoms you suffer from. A misaligned spine, or subluxations, can be the result of anything including a car accident, a fall or even old sports injuries. Even if you don’t suffer from back pain on a regular basis, your spine may be ultimately affecting other aspects of your health and which may be resulting in PMS symptoms. Spinal adjustments may reduce or even completely relieve even your most troublesome PMS symptoms.

Eipe Kuruvila

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