Losing Weight can Help You Avoid Low Back Pain

We should all be grateful for the DRS Protocol™ because it is effective at relieving the low back pain that comes with degenerative disc disease. To avoid this condition in the first place, you might want to start a good diet.  According to a recent study in the journal, Arthirtis & Rheumatism, overweight people are more likely to have degenerative disc disease than normal weight people.

The researchers did not answer why overweight or obese people develop disc problems at a greater rate than normal weight people, but the correlation was very strong in this study that tracked almost 2,600 Chinese men and women.  They believe extra weight causes more stress on your discs, or that overweight people are often less active.  Normal activity is good for your spine.

So, losing a few pounds now might keep you from suffering back pain later in life.  If you do have chronic low back pain cause by degenerative discs, failed back surgery, or any other reason, give the Denver Spine Institute a call right now.  Learn more about the DRS Protocol™ at our website.

If you would like to learn more about this study, click here

Eipe Kuruvila

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